Google Analytics Basics: Setting Up Conversion Goals

In this Google Analytics tutorial we are going to walk through setting up a conversion goal, more specifically, a contact form submission conversion goal.


1.  Login to Google Analytics, select your account, and then click on Admin in the top menu. Once you have done that, click on Goals under the view that you want to set up the conversion goal for. In this tutorial we will use the All Web Site Data view.



2.  Click New Goal and then name it something like “Contact form conversion.” Then select Destination since we will be using a destination page to track this conversion goal. (Note: Your contact form will have to redirect the user to a page on your site after they hit submit in order for this to work) The different types can be explained as…

  • Destination – To track when a user ends up on a specific page on your website.
  • Duration – To track if a user spends a specified minimum amount of time on your website.
  • Pages/Screens per session – To track if a user views a specified minimum number of pages on your website.
  • Event – To track if a user takes a specified action on your website, like clicking on a link or watching a video.

Then click Next Step.



3.  For the Destination, we are going to add the URL of the page that your contact form redirects the user to after they submit the form. (Note: you don’t enter the entire URL, you just enter the path after your domain. For example we are going to add “/contact-us/thank-you/” rather than “”).

For Value, we’re going to skip that one for this tutorial but if you want to assign a value to your conversion goal you would do that here. For the funnel, we are going to add the page that our contact form is on because the user will have to first be on our Contact page filling out the form and then end on the Thank You page after it has been filled out.

Lastly, we’re going to Verify the goal. Doing this will tell you if anyone has converted for this goal in the past 7 days and verify if it is set up correctly or not. If you know that users have filled out your contact form in the last 7 days and this says “This Goal would have a 0% conversion rate based on your data from the past 7 days. Try a different set up.” then you will have to double check your configuration because something is not right. In the example image above we are not using live URLs so the conversion rate over the past 7 days is of course 0%.

4.  After you have verified that everything is working then click Create Goal and start tracking your contact form conversions.

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