Satisfying Mobile Users With Quickly Rendered Content

Web users have very little patience. Mobile web users seem to have even less. This can create a challenge when trying to capture and hold the attention of users when they visit your website on a mobile device. There are many techniques available to help speed up website, we could write many articles on those techniques alone. The techniques, in the most simple of terms, usually involve trying to achieve:

  • Less and smaller images
  • Less code
  • Optimized database and server

Google recommends that mobile websites load in less than a second. That’s fast! But it’s not unreasonable at all. A well optimized mobile or responsive website running on a well optimized server should be able to do that, but it will take some work. Sacrifices might need to be made that don’t satisfy all the stakeholders to achieve that speed. As Google states, though, you really only need to worry about getting your above the fold content to the user within one second in a usable way, so that they can interact with your content immediately. The rest of the page can load in the background. This doesn’t give us a license to get sloppy with optimization for mobile devices, but it give us options when trying to squeeze as much speed as we can out of a website.

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