How to Prioritize Website Features

One thing that we deal with often is prioritizing what features will be added to a website during a project. Quite often we want to achieve more than time or money will allow so we need to have a way to figure out our priorities.

When prioritizing features for a website we look at a couple key things for each feature that we want to implement: Obtainability and desirability.


Obtainability is a rough measure of how hard the feature will be to implement. This score comes from the development team or the people who will be responsible for implementing the task or developing the feature.

Desirability is a rough measure of how badly the feature needs to be implemented. How important is the feature? This score typically comes from the business owner, client representatives and those responsible for the overall website strategy.

Once each concept or idea within the project has scores assigned for both of those measures we can tally up the totals. The concepts and ideas with the highest total scores will be the features we will likely want to implement first, as they are the most easily obtainable and we also want them the most.

Using a system similar to this can help to sort out the order in which features will be implemented into projects. And more importantly it will help keep everybody on the team focused on getting the most important features done.


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