Mobile Web vs. Mobile Apps

The title of this post is somewhat contradictory to my thoughts on mobile web and mobile apps. I see mobile websites and mobile apps stacked up against each other a lot in conversations out there, as though they are supposed to compete.

I don’t like that line of thinking. I believe that there shouldn’t be this competitive nature between mobile web and mobile apps. They should compliment each other, and each can have it’s place in a marketing or business strategy.

It is important to understand the current state of what each platform can offer, and whether or not the platform is right for your resources and business capabilities. This Whiteboard Friday video from does a nice job of explaining in a concise manner what to look out for when considering whether or not your organization needs a mobile website and a mobile app.

We can help you devise a mobile strategy for your business if you need guidance, contact us if you want to sit down and talk about this stuff in person and explore the options that are available out there.

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