Bad Web Design Experiences

We recently had a discussion with a client about what makes for a good or bad web design or development project. The recurring theme seemed to be communications. Our good or bad web design experiences seem to be related to communications and how that can affect project flow and expectations.

This is a two way street. We are not talking about just how our clients communicate with us during a project, but also how we communicate with our clients during a project, and how the communication process is facilitated.

From our end, as designers and developers, we have learned that it is best for us to be as transparent as possible during the project. We don’t like to hide things from our clients during the process of creating a website. We like to keep our clients involved with each part of the process and we like to have something for them to see and approve during each step of the project so that they understand where we are at in the process of pulling everything together. If our client needs to make a decision, we ensure they can make an informed decision. This helps us get the best results.

From the client perspective, we help them communicate to us their ideas and goals in a way that helps us create an effective solution. This can be through various processes such as brainstorming or discovery sessions to uncover ideas all the way to weekly review sessions to provide feedback on the current state of the project while things are being built. And of course the ability for a client to provide quick feedback when needed is always a huge plus for any project.

We tend to struggle when we aren’t able to communicate effectively with the clients, and our clients don’t get the best results if we don’t communicate effectively with them. Communication is just as important as being able to write excellent code and being able to design effective websites, because it is what facilitates everything else.


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