Cleaning Up Website Content for SEO Purposes

I’ve been reading into the concepts of content pruning, and these ideas make a lot of sense for a lot of the websites that we run across and work on. Content pruning is the process of removing the content that is dragging down your best performing content.

Most websites will have a small core of top performing pages, and those are the pages that are likely bringing in most of the traffic. There will also be a good chunk of “middle-ground” content that may or may not be bringing in good traffic, but adds value to the top performing content and still pulls in organic traffic on some level. Then there will be the bottom chunk of content, the poor performing pages that don’t seem to pull in any traffic or get much user attention.

The concept of content pruning focuses on identifying the poorly performing content and removing it from the search engine indexes. By getting rid of the noise and the junk, the search engines, in theory, will be able to focus down on your best content. Ideally this helps the search engines see your website as a better collection of quality content, which will be good for search engine rankings.

This can be a lot of work, especially for bigger websites. If you need help doing some content cleanup and optimizing your pages, give us a shout.

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