SSL Certificates, HTTPS and SEO

If it hasn’t already, the SSL and HTTPS acronyms will be drawing more attention to themselves for website owners as we continue with a shift towards more security and encryption online. Google is helping to push things along by giving minor rankings boosts to websites that properly use SSL certificates and by changing their Chrome browser to notify users of non-secure pages that should be secure.

Google announced as far back as 2014 that by running your site under SSL you can get a small search rankings benefit.

Nearly two years later, many websites are still not running under SSL, and many that do are doing it poorly. Ahrefs analyzed 10,000 domains that were running under SSL and found that only 1 in 10 sites seemed to be implementing SSL correctly for SEO.

In addition to the security and SEO advantages of running a website under SSL/HTTPS, Google will throwing out even more incentive in the form of browser warnings in Chrome. Beginning in January 2017, websites that prompt users to enter secure information through pages that aren’t secured by HTTPS will trigger a warning in the Chrome browser.

What does this mean for you as a website owner?

If your website is not running under HTTPS, it probably should be. Running your website under HTTPS will give you the following possible advantages:

  • If you are neck-and-neck with your online competition and neither you or your competitors website are running under HTTPS, you can give yourself a minor advantage over the competition by implementing an SSL certificate properly.
  • You will be providing your website users with a more secure web experience by encrypting all their traffic to and from your web server, this is always a good thing.
  • Come 2017, you will avoid any distrust coming from user who might see warnings coming from Chrome regarding your website not being secure.

Talk to us if you wondering where to start with all this, we’d be glad to help you through it.


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